How do my favorite country guys survive Valentine’s Day?  I admit that Valentine’s Day is a holiday that puts more pressure on men than women.  Let’s face it guys are the ones that mostly buy flowers and candy for Valentine’s Day so I wanted to see what the men of country music do for the women in their lives.  Here's the scoop and Valentine quotes from Country Aircheck.

  • "My wife Denise always inspired songs. One of my early hits was 'I'd Love You All Over Again.' I wrote it for our 10th anniversary."  Alan Jackson
  • "I'm very romantic. I mean, it oozes out of me. Seriously, I buy t-shirts in the shapes of hearts. That's the only thing that fits me. I'm one big heart. I give love."  Jake Owen
  • "Before I was married [when] I was dating someone, Valentine's Day was the holiday where you'd have to stamp out on paper exactly where the relationship stands. If you didn't give the right present or say the right things, you were in the doghouse."  Dierks Bentley
  • "I like to woo the ladies with dipping them in chocolate ... I mean, I'm usually a flowers kind of guy. You know, have 'em show up at their work so that the other people who didn't get flowers can be envious." Josh Thompson
  • "I'm kind of notorious for being terrible at Valentine's Day. My wife, Kate, is all into that stuff and does a great job. She deserves for me to be a little more romantic and it's not for a lack of wanting to do good. I pretty much just suck, honestly. I need to get better at it."  Justin Moore
  • "I was listening to the radio and they were talking about when in a relationship it's too soon to give Valentine's gifts. One woman said, 'I was dating a guy three weeks, and he gave me an iPad for Valentine's Day.' That's a ridiculous gift."  -Keith Urban