As you may have heard me say on the air, I am very crazy about my Golden Retriever Bailey. I spent quite a bit of time with my dog. When I am home hanging around the house, he is always with me. One of the things I like to do for him and for me is to walk him. I used to walk him twice a day but now that he is older, he refuses to go for a morning walk and only will go on an afternoon or evening walk. Yesterday I took him out in the woods near our home and he was loving it, He was running around like a puppy. You could almost see a smile on his face.

I have always said that I would like to have two dogs at the same time, but how would you walk two dogs? That could be a trick if you think about it. But what about if you had 16 dogs to walk? Check out this video of Henri Winter taking his 16 dogs out for a walk.