You've got a list a mile long of gifts that you have to buy this year.  You've got grandma and grandpa covered.  All the kids gifts are set to go.  The immediate family is taken care of.  Is that it?  You think you're all set, until you see the mailman.  Should you have gotten him a gift?  How about the kids' bus driver?  Did you really remember everyone?Maybe the trash man was extra nice and returned your trash can to your front door so that it wasn't rolling around in the street on a windy day.  Your babysitter stays for an extra half hour than you asked them to stay.  Does the security guard at work brighten your day on a Monday morning after a long weekend?  They all mean something to you.  They've done you favors and made your life easier.  So do you get them gifts for the holidays too?

What is your rule for gift giving?  How far should your list be extended?