Ever since I’ve owned my dog, someone has been with him for most of the day.  I was home with him throughout the morning and afternoon and then my wife and kids were with him at night when I went to work.  But now, I have to find other ways to keep him company.

A lot of people will argue, “He’s just a dog.  He’ll be fine.”  But that’s not how I look at my dog.  He really is a member of our family.  We even have him in our family portraits!  So if that’s how you feel about your dog, that’s fine.  That’s just not at all how I look at mine.  So I want the best for him.  It would be different too if he was always alone throughout the day.  But this is a new thing for him.

I’ve thought about getting another dog to keep him company.   But I’m not sure now would be a good time to try to house train another dog.  Plus, after almost 10 years as the only dog in the house, I’m not sure how well my dog Tucker would do with sharing the house.

My latest thought was to keep the radio on when I’m not home.  That way he’ll get to hear me.  But will that drive him even crazier if he can’t see me too?

Maybe I’m over thinking it but I’m sure I’ve heard of people doing crazier things for their pets.  What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for your pet?