I think most of us that are of a certain age are a little more careful about what we post to our Facebook page than people of the younger generation. We were raised to be careful about sensitive subjects. Some people, however, have absolutely no problem narrating their lives on social networks as it unfolds.

What should be filtered out? Whether it be a relationship status or the status of their very sick grandma, they're not afraid to put it out there for all the world to see. Sometimes it's stuff that no one needs to know about.

If there's a surprise party that you're going to, maybe don't post that on your Facebook wall. If a family member is not doing so well, maybe call the rest of your family before you scare the crap out of them. If you're breaking up with someone, maybe just call them.

What was the craziest thing that you've ever heard first on Facebook? Did someone break up with you? Did you find out about the death of a family member? Did you find out someone was pregnant before they wanted the world to know?