Remember the old mascot for the Buffalo Sabres? Before Sabretooth? Buffalo, NY has some of the most iconic mascots around and certainly some of the oldest too. Who is the oldest mascot in Buffalo? Would you have guessed Buster T. Bison?

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    Belle the Ballpark Diva


    Although Belle is only 11 years old in Bison years, she is already married in a serious relationship with Buster T. Bison. The duo got married in 2007 after a game at Coca Cola Field.

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    Born 2002

    Petey is the new and improved mascot of Canisius College and is present at every basketball game in Buffalo.

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    Billy Buffalo

    2000--17 Years Old

    Billy Buffalo holds down the fort at New Era Field every home game for the Buffalo Bills.

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    Victor E. Bull

    1997--20 Years Old

    Victor is the mascot for UB and is present at every football and basketball game in Amherst!

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    Late 90s

    The cousin of Buster T. Bison, Chip has become a staple at Coca Cola Field.

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    After the wild success of Buster Bison had for the Buffalo Bisons, the Sabres were up for finding a mascot that would work for the Sabres--the PR team agreed that Sabretooth would be born.

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    Buster T. Bison

    1983--34 Years Old

    Buster is the oldest mascot currently in Buffalo for the Buffalo Bisons at Coca Cola Field.