I was flipping through the recent issue of Men's health Magazine and came across an article that ranked United States cities based on how safe their drivers are. I never imagined we would fare so well!Not sure if it because we have so many different weather conditions that force us to be more attentive or not, but, Buffalo has landed in FOURTH place on the list of the LEAST DANGEROUS! If you drive in WNY on a daily basis, give yourself a hand! Here is the list of least dangerous according to the article....and for the complete list CLICK HERE
10. Aurora, CO B
9. Madison, WI B+
8. Chesapeake, VA B+
7. New York City, NY B+
6. Fort Wayne, IN B+
5. Reno, NV B+
4. Buffalo, NY B+
3. Boston, MA A-
2 Lincoln, NE A-
1. St. Paul, MN A+