It's in my blood. There's no doubt in my mind that we were rich when I was a kid. My dad owned "Baller's Bar" when I was in grade school at St. Vincent de Paul. I never understood why my mom wouldn't let me give out "Baller's Bar" pens to all the nuns there. It had our NAME on it!

Every 2 weeks when the jukebox man took five 45s off the player and put 5 new ones on, I got the old ones: Patsy Cline, JR Cash, Loretta Lynn, Buck Owen's "Tiger by the Tail "cracked me UP....RICH, I tell ya.

When I look at the 2nd pic now, I can't believe what a dive it was! But it was heaven in 1966 in Wheeling West Virginia. I thought owning a bar was the coolest thing EVER. Three piece bands played for meals...and that JUKEBOX! They all told me stories I've remembered to this day.

Heh. To this day, that rancid smell of stale beer and Lucky Strikes kinda turns me on. ;)

Thanks Mom, for showing me how to hold court. BIG party in Heaven, I'm guessing!

'60s WV Tavern