There's a good reason to smile and be happy today. By a proclamation of the United Nations, today is the International Day of Happiness. The U.N. says happiness is all about celebrating peace, human rights and higher standards of life and every person in the world has a right to it. It’s about ending poverty and encouraging cultural harmony, social acceptance and environmental awareness. That’s a pretty big order all in one day but at least we can try.

By a resolution of the United Nations in 2012 they established March 20th as the International Day of Happiness each year claiming happiness is an international human goal.

We might think of things or personal goals that would make us happy, but one way to be happier is to accept who we are in the present. When we do that we already have begun to change.

If you have many goals, starting today focus on one and continue to focus on that goal throughout the year. Happiness often comes in small packages.

There’s a website you might want to take a look at for inspirational stories that’ll make you happy and if you have a story of your own you can add it. It’s I’m sure most of the stories there will make you smile and provide some wisdom on this International Day of Happiness.