I had the chance to watch the CMT awards last night. I understand that in this day and age you have to "cater" to the crowd that is going to get you the most response. Clearly CMT was doing that last night.From the opening of the show (a Thelma and Louise spoof with Shania and Taylor) the show was hard for me to watch.Forget the fact that I am a fan of the more traditional side of country music. That was a cheesy opening no matter what you prefer. I did like the Kid Rock and Wynnona collaboration at the beginning. it was humorous and I actually liked the song they performed. Then it was time to hand out the awards.

Justin Bieber was one of the first to receive an award for his efforts with Rascal Flatts. Again, as popular as he is and as much attention as he drew to the show last night, is he ready for Country Stardom? I say no way.

OK, maybe I am being a little too critical. But he referred to last nights show as "the country music awards." Not true.  Far from it. Last night was a show produced specifically for the network CMT. (Which oddly enough when I turn CMT on I rarely see any videos) It is a way to get ratings specifically for CMT. A big difference from the honor that goes with winning a CMA.

In my opinion there is no greater honor than being nominated and winning a CMA. The history that is behind that organization speaks for itself. To even mention Justin Bieber among the group of  TRUE CMA winners is just flat wrong.  Ronnie Milsap,. Alabama, George Strait, Reba McEntire... Justin Bieber is in no way ready for or deserving enough to be included in that list.

Perhaps it is not his fault. I imagine that the music companies today like any other business have to make money and in order to do that they go ahead and use names like Justin Bieber to piggy back for extra publicity. My question is why? If country is the number 1 programed music on radio in the USA why do we have to dilute it with these teenie bopper pop stars? There is a heritage and a right of passage that country artists must go through to get the honor of being elite in our great genre of music.

I will say that even guys like Darius Rucker understand the meaning of being a country music star. I have talked to him many times about that very thing. He has worked hard to get the respect of not only the fans, but, his peers. Darius doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that will come here and grab as much as he can from country music just because it's "hot."

I guess I am worn out on these awards shows.The more we have the more that the trophies become just that...trophies. A CMA is more than an ward. It is symbol of hard work. A piece of history and in my opinion a scared memento that should only be given to individual/groups that show they are deserving enough to be included into such an elite list of artists.