I think it’s pretty cool to see that the Mansion on Delaware in Buffalo was recently inducted into Historic Hotels of America.  It joins a relatively small list of iconic hotels in New York.  I’ve never personally stayed at the hotel but I’ve had drinks there and know several people that have stayed at this charming hotel that some might say is haunted.  Obviously there is no proof that the hotel is haunted but if you were to ask some of the hotel staff and a certain country superstar Dierks Bentley, they’d probably all say it is.

   I've driven past the hotel the last few nights and it got me thinking about the first time I met Dierks, it was just before his hit single “What Was I Thinking” was released.  We had dinner downtown and he couldn’t stop talking about the hotel and asked if I knew much about the history of it.  Not being from Buffalo originally I wasn’t much help on the subject but I was curious to hear stories about his stay.  Apparently one night he thought he felt a hand touch his face while he was falling asleep.  The legend is that there is a little girl’s spirit haunting the hotel.    I wonder if Dierks ever thinks about his stay at the Mansion.   Anyway aside from the “haunting” theories, the hotel is still a jewel of Buffalo and will forever preserved as such now that its part of  Historic Hotels of America.