Sometimes, it can be made in America, Buffalo even, yet be born in another country. In 1889, a young baker was commissioned to create a meal for Queen Margherita of Italy during her visit to Naples. The result was Pizza. The baker used simple ingredients to symbolize the colors of the Italian flag. The red was represented by tomato sauce, the white by mozzarella cheese and the green by basil. The Queen raved about this delectable concoction and Pizza spread across the country. In fact, you may have even ordered a Margherita pizza without knowing about the queen who inspired its name.

Pizza was a purely Italian food until shortly after World War II. American G.I.s returned home victorious, but also hungry for the delicious treat they came to know as pizza. Since that time pizzerias have become ubiquitous, every town has one and some would suggest that pizza has supplanted the hamburger as America’s favorite food. Years ago someone invented a truly American product, the frozen pizza. Unfortunately, the concept, hot and ready pizza from your oven in a matter of minutes was much better than the final product. That is, until Chef’s Restaurant of Buffalo, NY, created a pizzeria-style pizza that can be baked in your oven and lives up to the Chef’s name.

Chef’s Pizza, born in Italy, made in Buffalo, NY, U.S.A., can be purchased at The Made in America Store. As always, the easiest way to buy 100% American-made products is to go to the Made in America store at 900 Maple Road in Elma, N.Y., or online at

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