Each and every morning the majority of Western New Yorkers roll out of bed, clean up, get the kids ready and fly out of the house.  Some of us have quick and easy commutes and a number of us drive from miles away to earn that dough.  How many of us think about our morning commute time and how it could be affecting our health.  Not many, probably!  Well a new study (of course), which is published in the "American Journal of Preventative Medicine",  has found that people with..... long commutes are at higher risk for increased weight and decreased cardiorespiratory fitness.  The study also showed that people who make these long drives rarely take part in physical activities.  Believe it or not....researchers found that a commute of more than 10 miles was directly associated with having high blood pressure.

As for me, I take the scenic route into work.  I could just hop on the Kensington Expressway and be here in 10 minutes or less.  I choose to take the ride up Elmwood to see the aftermath of late night partying...LOL  !


(Metro Source)