Well, this is one for the books.

Hopefully, you aren't good looking. Unless you're a stripper, there's a chance you can get fired for being too hot, and that is totally OK with the legal system (because the legal system seems to be so "OK" lately already -- sense my sarcasm).

Mellisa Nelson has been working as a dental assistant hired by Dr. James Knight for the past 10 years. He "suddenly" has thought she is too irresistible and a threat to his marriage and consequently fired her.

She took him to court for discrimination and lost.

The state’s all-male Supreme Court ruled 7-0 Friday that the Iowa City dentist legally canned his female assistant because she was “irresistibly attractive” and a threat to his marriage.

Nelson said she wouldn't have been fired if she were a man.She also said her work attire was hardly revealing.

“I wore a long-sleeve or short-sleeve T-shirt and I wore scrubs,” Nelson said, adding that she’s “happily married.”