Hello, it's Aaron James filling in for Brett Alan tonight and very excited for another Friday Night Fight! If you're new to the Friday Night Fight this is your chance to pick your favorite new song, we put two new songs up against each other and you vote for the one you like better! There are a variety of ways to vote, I will give you those at the bottom of this post. Keith Urban with his song "Long Hot Summer" has been the winner the last four weeks of the Friday Night Fight which means that Keith's song gets retired and we have two new songs to play for you tonight!

Song #1 Will be from country superstars Rascal Flatts with Natasha Bedingfield and the song "Easy"

Song #2 Will be from Phil Vassar and his song called "Let's Get Together"

Tune in at 8pm tonight for the Friday Night Fight! To vote for your favorite song, call 644-WYRK or 1-800-696-WYRK. You can also send me a text to the WYRK AT&T Text Line at 716-393-0213 or vote at the bottom of this post. Remember one vote per phone number, let's get ready for tonight's Friday Night Fight and may the best man/group win!! Thanks for starting your weekend with WYRK!