Boy it's tough being a Buffalo sports fan.  The Sabres got off to a rough start and they've got some work to do to secure a playoff spot.  The Sabres outplayed the Penguins on Saturday night, but lost 5 to 2. 

And there's the Bills.  They're assured their 11th straight year out of the playoffs.  You want to see the Bills win games, but every game they win moves them further and futher down the list come time to draft college players in the spring.  Isn't it incredible that some fans actually want the Bills to lose so they can pick earlier in the draft?  Do fans buy tickets to see their team lose?  Ask any of the 50-thousand plus fans who turned up on a rainy, cold day against the Browns and stayed to the very end. 

The victories have been few and far between this season and anytime the good guys come out on top is a good day.  The Bills have been competitive in all but a handful of games this season.  The should have beaten the Steelers, Ravens and Chiefs but lost in overtime.

I think the Bills finally have the right coaching staff in place and I couldn't say that with Dick Jauron, Mike Mularkey and Gregg Williams.  Lack of talent is the primary problem with the Bills, but there's certainly no lack of desire.  This team plays hard every week even when they're overmatched, but I feel confident they can continue to add the pieces to make this team better.  And for the front office it all begins even before the college draft with the addition of some key free agent players.