Today is World Vegetarian Day, a day where we’re reminded about eating vegetables and fruits because it's healthy for our health.

A lot of vegetarians stick to their diet probably for a couple of reasons -- they think it’s healthy, and they’re against killing animals for meat and against the poor treatment of animals at farms and slaughterhouses.

A vegetarian, by definition, doesn’t eat meat, including fish and other seafood. There are a lot of vegetarian groups and organizations. If you’re thinking about going with a vegetarian diet, you really should get some guidance on the best way to do it so that you’re eating a healthy diet. You can find some of those groups right here locally and you can search for them online.

Vegetarians say there are a lot of great recipes out there that are not only healthy, but taste good too. World Vegetarian Day might be a good day to try a vegetarian diet for yourself. You might be surprised.

Our Taste of Home Cooking School is scheduled for Saturday, November 9 at UB Center for the Arts. Not sure if chef Eric Villegas will have any vegetarian recipes to show you that day, but Taste of Home magazine has many delicious vegetarian recipes you can use. Check out some of them...and I’d be glad to taste test any of them for you and give my honest opinion!