This is a photo of him and the Pilot from Civil Air Patrol (C.A.P.) just before his 1st flight with his group. Once in flight, the Pilot let him steer the plane, climb, descend and turn it, while over Lake Ontario. He said it was absolutely amazing!

In addition to C.A.P., he is a Boy Scout, an alter server at Church, part of Select Strings Orchestra (he plays the Cello and in regular Orchestra he is first chair), plus he is in Karate/green belt.

He does very well in school with high averages and loves science and math! In his spare time, he likes build things and even climb the rope in the front yard tree, which is over 15' tall.

He likes to read books, especially Harry Potter.

His parents are extremely proud of him!

Congrats to Jacob for being our Good Kid of the Week! He will receive a $25 Arch card to McDonalds and a WYRK tshirt!