Jake Owen says he had a great July 4th weekend. Though it ended not so great. The "Days Of Gold" hitmaker found himself in the emergency room early Monday morning.

Even celebrities get some down time to play around with their famous friends a bit. Jake was go karting with NASCAR buddies Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer when he got in quite a serious accident that required some emergency surgery.

He was rushed to the hospital, but don't worry -- he's tweeting out pictures, so everything must be going better than planned.

Owen, who rocked out an Allman Brothers tee (and neck brace) while heading to the ER, says, "I'll stick to singing country songs."

Jake Owen Twitter
Jake Owen Twitter

We agree, Jake -- stick to singing! This comes two days after Jake reassured everyone that his dad, who has been sick and in the hospital, is back on his feet. Only to find himself right in the hospital himself.

Jake Owen Instagram

Get well soon, Jake. See you August 17 at Darien Lake!