In an exclusive chat, 'Days of Gold' singer Jake Owen went on a bit of a rant to Clay Moden, saying that he uses his Twitter feed to make a direct connection with fans, not to push an agenda or sell them his music. Perhaps he's a bit of a social media purist.

"I get mad when people at my label or people at my management company text me, [saying], with my record coming out, 'So and so or these media outlets want you to post this about your record coming out.' They can do that," Owen insists. "Me? I'm not trying to sell people on anything. I am trying to let them know it's me and I'm a real person."

He continues, "I get really offended sometimes when I see people use their Twitter page as a sales pitch for their records, or you can tell the artists that don't even do it themselves. What's helped my career grow is that people know it's me doing it."

"So when I say something, it's coming from me," Owen concludes. "That's how I want people to feel about me, I'm a real human being."

During the chat leading up to the 2013 CMA Awards, Owen also shared his excitement about embarking on his first-ever headlining tour. He says sometimes you just have to "take a chance, stake your claim, put your name on a ticket and say, 'Alright, let's see if people buy one to come out and see me.'"

The singer feels confident that fans will respond to a ticket with his name on it and see him lead a show. That's precisely why fans have flocked to Jake Owen -- because he is so real.

Owen's 'Days of Gold' album hits shelves on Dec. 3.