Jason Aldean's new CD is in stores now featuring the title track "My Kind Of Party" and a new duet with American Idol Kelly Clarkson.   When asked who he would love to "duet" with, Jason said "I narrowed the [duet partner] down to two people, Carrie Underwood was one of them, and [the other was] Kelly Clarkson. I'm a fan of both of their voices ... but they're both really different. Kelly [has a] really raspy, soul-type thing, while Carrie's got stupid pipes, too, but hers are a little cleaner. [With Kelly] not really being in the country genre, I thought it was a little more of a long shot, which ended up not being the case.  Jason & Kelly are slated to do their single "Don't You Wanna Stay" live on the CMA Awards next Wednesday night (Nov. 10).