They're calling it Jennifer Aniston's "sex tape."  But parents worry not, the title, just like most of the video is just something meant to gather clicks.

I'm a huge fan of catchy advertising.  It's one of the things that got me into radio in the first place.  I fell in love with the Budweiser advertising from the 90's, Geico commercials now, and it's one of the huge reasons that most people LOVE the Superbowl.   So for a company to name a video something that it's not so that people will click on it, makes total sense to me.

Jennifer Aniston is advertising "Smartwater" and they're using Youtube as one of their advertising outlets.  If the entire campaign is as successful as just this video, then their money has been spent wisely.  It seems to be working to me, I mean...I'm already talking about it right?