Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles and her duet partners land the top two spots again on the ABC show ‘Duets’.  Jennifer’s partners have consistently delivered each week and remain the judge’s favorites.  J Rome has stayed on top for the first five episodes, and John Glosson has landed in the top four each week.  Jennifer is the only judge that still has both partners on the show, while John Legend, Robin Thicke and Kelly Clarkson all have had an amateur eliminated.  Last night, both of Kelly’s partners were in the bottom two and had to compete against each other in order stay on the show.  Kelly was not happy about the results, and her pink-haired amateur Jordan Meredith ended up on the losing end and was let go last night (she was my favorite).

I think things are going to change drastically next week as the show goes live and allows America to vote.  Up to this point only the superstar judges have been able to vote on the performances and I’m thinking the superstar’s fan bases is going come to play in a big way.  So who’s left?

John Legend and Bridget Carrington

Robin Thicke and Olivia Chisholm (sorry she should’ve been voted off last week)

Kelly Clarkson and Jason Farol

Jennifer Nettles, J Rome and John Glosson

Check out the match up between Kelly's two amatuer's Jason and Jordan.  I was sad to see Jordan go I think she is the better the singer, but mark my words Jason will get the votes from fans next week.