On Monday morning Jennifer Nettles played five tracks from her forthcoming debut solo album for an invite-only crowd at HOB Studios.

She says the album touches on the very diverse list of her musical influences.

I think this album plays to my roots. There's country, gospel, '70s music, singer-songwriter stuff, as well. It has been a joy to get to explore those parts of myself. I'm excited and nervous at the same time – all of those things you are when something is important to you.

Nettles recorded the album at Shangri La Studios in Malibu.

That was not a bad way to go into the office everyday. It was just beautiful being there at the beach, and then the history of the studio. It was owned by Bob Dylan, and went through different hands over the past few years.

The first song set to be released for Nettles' solo project is "That Girl" on August 19.

This song has kind of ended up being ‘The Ballad of Jolene.' It wasn't intended that way, as the concept was saying ‘I don't want to end up being that girl.' This woman has obviously been bamboozled, and it wasn't her plan going in. When she found out there was somebody else, she called and told her that it wasn't really her fault.

Nobody panic though -- Sugarland is not over yet. They are just taking some time to do different things right now and taking some time where Jennifer can move at her own pace while she has a baby at home.