“First Game Excitement…Same Old Bills” I have always loved the first game of the regular season in the NFL.  It is a fresh start for everyone.  The coaches, players, and fans are alive with new hope.  This year was no different when I traveled to Buffalo for the season opener.  I was hoping that I would see improvement, but felt like I saw the same old Bills that I have been watching for the past few seasons.

I know it has only been one game, but if the inefficiency of the offense continues throughout this season it is going to be another disappointing year.  I think most of the problem is quarterback hesitation.  Trent Edwards just seemed really unsure of himself to me.  He was holding the ball for too long before he threw it and they were having trouble moving up field.  I know C.J. Spiller is a great player, but he is going to be easily covered by the defense in every game unless there are other offensive threats to the opposing team.   And it was lucky for Buffalo that the defensive backs of Miami couldn’t catch a ball because they had a few missed balls that could’ve turned into touchdowns. If the Bills are going to turn this into a successful season the offense is really going to have to step it up.

The bright spot of the game for me is that the defense looked great.  That is my other hope that they will be able to keep the Bills in most of the games if they continue to play how they played this weekend.  I feel that Buffalo’s defensive backfield is one of the best units in the league.

The highlight of this weekend’s game for me was the twelve Hall of Famers that came to see Western New York and to help raise some money for the city of Buffalo.  What an awesome opportunity for the fans to get to see some Hall of Famers who were introduced at the start of the game and at the same time a great chance for the Hall of Famers to get to see the fans of Buffalo.  I have always loved the city and the fans of Buffalo…there is nothing like them!  All of the Hall of Famers were impressed and truly enjoyed the city, the tailgating, the fans, and the food.  I am looking forward to golfing with them to raise money for the Bills Alumni. And as always I am hoping for a victory next week, but they have their work cut out for them against Green Bay…they are tough.

Joe D