There's nothing I love more than performing! My weekend nights are spent traveling around Western New York and the Buffalo area entertaining people with my band LAST SHOT. Our group plays a mix of classic rock and alternative rock covers. Our classic playlist ranges from The Beatles to David Bowie to The Stones to The Who. We also do a lot of modern rock from bands like the Stone Temple Pilots, U2, Elvis Costello, REM, The Gin Blossoms and many more. Saturday we took our show to Swormville, which is actually part of Amherst, NY.

It was a very enjoyable night as our audience was really getting into the music. Many people were dancing and singing along. When a performer gets that type of reaction, it just inspires you to play harder and give the audience the best show possible. Many of our facebook fans were there, which is always a good thing. We broke out a couple of new songs on Saturday night: "I Alone" by Live and "My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit. The new stuff went over real well. We played three full sets and ended up doing a few encores because the people did not want us to go home. For me, that is one of the best feelings in the world.