Brad Paisley’s tour is only days away from making its sweep through Darien Lake Performing Arts Center.  This coming Saturday should be a great night, with performances from Brad, The Band Perry, Scotty McCreery and newcomer Jana Kramer. When it comes to Brad Paisley music, you can give me the old stuff.  “He Didn’t Have To Be” and “We Danced” are two of Paisley’s best!  For some reason, I just can’t get into songs like“Water” and “Ticks.”  I need the old stuff -- the meaningful Brad Paisley tunes.

Anyways, here are two of my favorite songs from Mr. Paisley. Enjoy, and please feel free to use these videos as pre-concert prep to get you ready for the big night!

If you are looking for today's word in the Brad Paisley Word Search, the word is: People.

"We Danced"

"He Didn't Have To Be"