We spoke with a couple of ladies yesterday who are bicycling across America – from San Francisco to Boston for a cause. Pretty incredible thing to do.

But how about going around the world? On foot. Obviously you can’t walk across the water, but American David Kunst walked across the land masses of four continents and finished his journey on this day in 1974.

It took him four years and 21 pairs of shoes on a trip that took him 14,500-miles. He left his hometown of Waseca, Minnesota on June 20, 1970 because he says he was tired of his job, tired of his town and tired of his wife.

He had plenty of obstacles along the way including being held up by bandits in Afghanistan who shot and killed his brother and wounded him. He had to return to Minnesota to recover but once he did he went right back to Afghanistan and got on the trail again.

He did have sponsors along the way and helped raise money for UNICEF.