I think I heard a fan say it best on Thursday night. "He's one of us!" Justin Moore sure has come a long way in just a few short years. I recall when he was just getting started with the song "Back That Thing Up" and was making the rounds as an opening act. Now he is out on the road with a big crew and lots of sponsors!I took the ride with Brett Alan to the Cattaraugus County Fair in Little Valley on Thursday night.Justin had no opening act... it was full throttle as soon as he hit the stage. The show was just about sold out and from what I could tell, hardly anyone used the seat they paid for. And for good reason. It was a hit after hit show from a guy that has not forgotten where he came from.

Justin Moore

Justin even paused his set for a few minutes while EMTs attended to a fan that had fallen near the stage. "That stuff really gets to me", Justin remarked when he made it back to the stage.

A third of the way in to his performance, I was able to work my way toward the front of the stage. It was a rowdy and fun crowd. We sang along with Justin as he went through a list of his hits like "Backwoods," "Bait A Hook" and "Small Town USA" which drew a long standing ovation. "There is no money I can get paid that means as much to me as hearing ya'll cheer like that for my music" Moore announced.

Justin Moore

It was at that point I overheard a guy yell to his friends "he is one of us...that guy is so cool." He sure is. I have seen just about every performer in country music that has been through Western New York this summer and Justin Moore is one of the most regular guys on and off the stage. That's exactly why we as country fans flock to see him.

As for the setting? The Cattaraugus County Fair has to be one of my favorite places to catch a concert. With the rolling hills as a back drop and the most genuine of people in attendance, to say it is "salt of the earth" would be an understatement. It was a last minute decision to make the trip to Little Valley for the show and after seeing a guy as talented and grateful as Justin Moore own the night, I sure am glad I did!

Here is a video a fan shot!