I think for those of us in the audience and for Justin Moore...that was a first. On Sunday night, Justin Moore debuted music from his new album "Off The Beaten Path," while performing along a river on a boat! OK, so the boat was on a trailer and not actually IN the water, but still, it was one of the coolest, most redneck concerts I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

Justin Moore's truck and boat

After spending the weekend listening to the new album and getting a chance to speak with Justin, one thing is for certain....Justin Moore is consistent. From his values and attitude to his genuine down home personality, Justin Moore is one of the last few artists that have made it their career goal to make sure that the traditional essence of country music stays within country music.

This new album , "Off The Beaten Path" is the third project from Justin Moore and it is more of a musical biography than just an album. Song after song, you get to know Justin Moore; who he is and what he believes in!

Justin Moore live

For guys like me that love trucks,guns, the outdoors...trust in God, rely on our friends while watching out for them, believing in family and doing what you can to provide for a better life and aren't afraid to work hard...this album is an extension of who we are as well. That is why Justin Moore's fans are so passionate about his music and that is exactly why "Off The Beaten Path" is going to be such a success!!

Aside from a few extra bugs because of the production lights, Sunday night's show was quite and experience. The setting sun along the river, great country music and an ice cold beer in my hand....it just don't get no better!

You can look for NRA Country to broadcast this show later in the week.