Some one asked me the other day if the concert schedule was getting old? I mean after all I have been to all but a few small shows this year. Since last October at the former HSBC Arena (now the FNC) I have been hitting some big shows both here locally and in other states and have no plans to slow down! I'll be in Texas in December for Brantley Gilbert and even after all of that, I can say without a doubt that as long as there are shows like the Keith Urban show on Thursday night, I won't ever be tired of attending high class, high energy shows packed with hits and loaded with talent like this show had!

How To Please A Crowd 101

Clearly we were "entertained" by two men that absolutely love to perform and feed off the energy of the crowd that delivered just the perfect amount! "Entertained" in that both Jake Owen and Keith Urban don't get lazy on stage. They don't give the same old same old every night.  They interact with the crowd. They understand that people spent good money to attend the show and they understand that if it was not for the crowd in front of them, they wouldn't be where they are. It's a lesson that other entertainers can learn from going to see the two.

You Make Your Own Success

There is a reason why Jake Owen is so hot right now. He didn't fall in to a trap of just allowing things to slowly come his way. You could just feel the enthusiasm and passion he has for his business when he sang the hit "Bare Foot Blue Jean Night." It is the song that has given him new wings so to speak. It is the song that the fans sang every single word back to him much to his delight!This is why I enjoyed his show. It was so awesome to see a guy that is determined to be a star!

Man Of Many Talents -Master Of All Of Them!

I think in the world of country music and really in the world of music in general, you can't be one dimensional. you have to offer more than looks. After watching Keith Urban and speaking to him before the show it is clear that we were in the presence of one of the most talented men in music to play in Buffalo. He can sing anything. He can play just about any instrument and from what I hear from the "experts" (those being the 15,ooo plus females at the FNC) he  has the perfect looks to boot!

I absolutely LOVE when he performs the song "Stupid Boy."  It was even better at this show than I remember. I can't deny that he is mesmerizing to watch when he is playing a guitar solo and as a matter of fact, when I spoke to him before the show he told me "playing guitar is my favorite thing to do.  If I wasn't here in front of this crowd tonight, I would be playing some bar somewhere." In my opinion, he proved to me once again ,he is the best guitarist to come our way since Chet Atkins. Sorry Brad Paisley fans and Vince Gill fans, they run a close second and third to Urban. It was a solid night and how could anyone get tired of watching the best in the business?