Sammy Hagar found success by attaching his name to Cabo Wabo Tequila.  Toby Keith had luck with is Wild Shot Mezcal.  Now Kenny Chesney has followed in their footsteps with his own brand of Blue Chair Rum.

It makes sense.  If you're a country music fan and you start thinking about rum-soaked sunshine days, who do you think of?  Kenny's name is already synonymous with tropical island breezes and sandy beaches. Now he's attached it to his own brand of rum called Blue Chair Rum.

“Everybody’s always expected this from me,  But rum is what I drink, and I always told myself: if I was going to do this, I wanted to create something I could be really proud of! Not just take a check and a piece of a company, but make the rum I truly wanted to drink.”

-- Kenny Chesney

The flavors include coconut, coconut spiced and a premium white rum but you can't get them just yet.  You'll have to wait until May to buy it a a store near you.