You may have seen videos similar to this one in the past. They put kids in a room and ask them questions either about a video or an object. All they ask them to be is honest.

This video was a little painful as the kids reacted to The Walkman.

I'll warn you ahead of time. Here are some of the phrases that might make you feel very old and hurt just a little:

  • "Is this like in the movies?" (while staring at a cassette)
  • "This is like...horrible."
  • "This is the worst thing."
  • "My grandpa has these" (when handed a pair of headphones)
  • "I'm such a '90s kid but I wasn't born in the '90s."
  • "What is this old-time music??"
  • "You have to actually do stuff."
  • "I cannot imagine living in your guys' days with these."

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