I love it when I come across home remedies for cleaning, fixing and repairing. Rather than going out and buying a product for one specific use, you probably have ingredients right in your home to do the job. And sometimes that home remedy is better than what you’d buy in the store.

  • Most homes have a can of WD-40. Readers Digest published a list of things you can use WD-40 for – other than what most people buy it for.
  • Scuff marks or tar on your kitchen floor? Spray some WD-40 on it and scrub lightly. It’ll come right off.
  • Coffee or tea stains on a counter. Again, spray some WD-40 on a damp sponge or cloth and wipe the stains away.
  • Use WD-40 to clean away lime stains or other bacteria build-up in your toilet. Spray it on, let it work for a few minutes and use the toilet bowl brush to clean it away.
  • In the same way WD-40 can be used to clean away winter time salt stains from boots and shoes.
  • This one you have to use your imagination and think like a bee. You can prevent bees from building nests around your house by spraying the spots they usually use to build them. I’ve got a number of spots around my house that the bees always return to no matter what I do. Next year I’ll spray those spots and see what happens.
  • WD-40 also makes a good bug killer. See an insect you’d rather not have in your house? Spray it with WD-40 – dead. You can also keep spiders and other insects out of your house by spraying a small amount on window sills and window and door frames.
  • And here’s one I’d like to see in action. They say if you have problems with squirrels stealing seed from a bird feeder – spray it with WD-40. The squirrels will slide right off.


SOURCE: Reader's Digest