It’s like oil and water, The Super Bowl and Glee!  The big game and the big musical sensation meet on Super Sunday, February 6th.  Yes, it has been announced that Fox will air a new episode of Glee following the Super Bowl.  If you’ve ever watch the sitcom the Middle, you know this plays out kind of like a recent episode of the show.  Sue, the daughter is entered in a square dance competition on Super Sunday; anyway that’s another story all together.  The real reason for this message is to inform Lady Antebellum fans that their hit song “Need You Now” will be sung on that super Sunday episode, which is said to be the most expensive episode ever for the show.  I may be one of the few to say that I’d rather watch an episode of Glee than to sit through entire Super Bowl game and the added bonus of having a song from country music be included on the show is cool to me.