I would think as a performer there would be a few things that you would fear happening during a live show.  One would be microphone issues, slipping and falling or any type of staging or technical problems.  Lady Antebellum had to overcome one of these things the other night in San Jose, CA.  The stage platform that lifts them up to the top of the stage stalled, leaving them stuck beneath the stage.   What do you do when this happens?  After a couple of moments, Charles Kelly decided they should just crawl up through the hole to the stage, this doesn’t make for a big grandiose entrance but it sure makes a great story and a memorable entrance to a stage.  Charles was quoted in the San Jose Mercury News as saying “I think that was the most professional entrance I’ve ever seen”.   Nice, but I think Hillary Scott’s comments take the cake “have to note that I crawled out of that hole wearing leather pants”.  Lol.  Hey you know what they say, the show must go on.  Too bad there isn't any video of this.

Next up for Lady A is the ACM Awards on Sunday, hopefully there a no technical glitches for them that night.