You really don't know how much you miss them until they're gone.   Last night. was the first night that the Time Warner Cable v.s. MSG battle really affected me.  As a second job, I tend bar at a local watering hole in North Buffalo and let me tell you....NO SABRES...NO BUSINESS.  It was horrible!! I started off the night with three people and we were forced to watch.... the World Juniors hockey game that featured Sweden v. Finland.  It wasn't awful, but it wasn't the Sabres.  I tried to convince myself that the lack of bar crowd was due to the cold weather, but I was only fooling myself.  Throughout the night, I followed the Sabres via Twitter and that was that.  Thank god the college bowl game was on or else the night probably would have been me, with a whole lot of myself and I.  These companies need to stop whining over money...they are both worth millions and the only one that loses in the whole deal is us...the fans!