Has light beer lost its appeal to you?  I still drink it, but only because the heavy stuff weighs me down and I’m out of the “game” quicker.  Occasionally, I’ll have a specialty brew that is full-flavored and tasty, but only if I’m having 1 or 2.  The reason I bring this up is because beer companies have been seeing a decline in light beer sales.  A three year decline!!  How is this?? Why is this?  I serve a lot of it at the bar I work at. The reason is (according to Bloomberg) baby boomers aren’t drinking it.  They are enjoying glasses of wine and mixed drinks.

Those who were buying all the light beer are middle-class and a lot of those people are struggling with unemployment - hence, less light beer purchases.  Those folks are treating themselves to less beer, but better, full-flavored ones.  Beer companies are trying to find ways to get people back on the light stuff, that’s why you’re seeing crazy concoctions like Coors Light Iced Tea, Bud Light Platinum and the push to have the beer with the lowest carbs.  With all of the beer companies experiencing a decline in light beer sales, only one or two have seemed to have some staying power.  Coors Light & Bud Light!  I have to agree, I’ll buy Coors Light before any other beer.  I’ll buy Amstel Light when I’m feeling fancy.  LOL. Really though, Bud Light is just ok. Now-a-days Blue Light is disgusting to me (but I will drink a Miller High Life) & Molson Canadian Light just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.