After snagging his seventh #1 hit with "Hey Girl", Billy Currington is back to try to make a new song his eighth.

"We Are Tonight" is his next single off his latest album, named the same.

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Because it's much more fun listening to new songs with the real words, here are the lyrics to "We Are Tonight":

Summer comin' through a rolled down window
Tearin' down an almost two lane back road
Freedom and fireflies in the air

The night's still young, never gonna get old
Livin' for today like there's no tomorrow
Follow the grooves, the tires in the grass
Stayin' on the gas like we're never comin' back

It's a Friday night, it's a small town girl
Everything is right and we rule the world
2 twelve's in the truck back, beating
A bunch of rock stars on a riverbank singing, whoa, whoa, everything, whoa, whoa
Everything we wanna be
We are, we are, we are tonight