Do I smell another #1 for Brett Eldredge?

Back-to-back #1s would be pretty sweet, and he just may have the next song after "Don't Ya" to do so.

"Beat Of The Music" was the first song that had me hooked on his new album, Bring You Back, so when I heard tonight this was his new single, I was stoked.

Brett's quickly becoming one of my favorite artists right now, and this song is one of the reasons why. You can't be in a bad mood listening to it.

Well I just met you a couple hours ago
My last night in town, hey wouldn't you know
I get hooked on a girl with blue diamond eyes
Down here in Mexico, oh
Now you're walking up asking me to dance
Smiling that smile and reaching out your hand
Well there's a move or two, I'd like to show you
While I still got the chance

Well you got the soul and you know how to use it
Put your hand on my hip cause you know that I'll lose it
You got my heart racing like there's nothing to it
Falling in love to the beat of the music
Oh oh, why wouldn't I wanna stay?
Oh oh, and let that plane fly away, hey hey