We got to meet Joel Crouse in the spring when he came around on a small radio tour, and this guy is scary good.

You hear us play "If You Want Some" all the time, and each time I hear it, it makes me think he'd be chill enough to sit down and have a beer with him.

Joel's back with a brand-new song called "Oh Juliet" that I can't wait for you guys to hear. Check it out.

A couple of drinks makes it all so easy

Strangers become lovers every night

I can tell your wounded because you cry so freely

As you tell your story with  those lonely eyes


Oh Juliet you're so beautiful and yet

I don't have the heart to break you're heart

I can't believe I'm saying this

Cause I can almost taste your kiss

But, I can't finish what you wanna start

Oh Juliet

Stay innocent

What do you think? Joel's going to be joining us on September 16 for our Acoustic Show, and there's just a handful of tickets, left so make sure you grab them now!