Justin Moore says this is a song he probably wouldn't have cut ever, let alone write.

He says as his career has progressed, his fan based has been changing, and this song shows a "a little softer side of (him)...not much but, a little bit".

"Lettin' The Night Roll" is the next song off his Off the Beaten Path album. What do you think?

That water tower’s got the sun going down behind it
If there’s a good time in this town girl we’re gonna find it
You looked so damn good climbing up in my Chevy
Tried to play it cool but I knew already
By the way you looked in the dashboard lights
It was gonna be one of those nights

Got the Kenwoods banging that rock n’ roll
Whisper to me baby where you wanna go
I can ride you ‘round town or drive you down some ol’ back road
I love the way you lean that seat back, steal my ball cap
Pull it down over your blue eyes
Watchin’ your hair fly out the window
Just lettin’ the night roll
And I can’t wait to see where it goes

We can run the reds down Main Street dodging the blue lights
Or disappear off into the corn out past the county line
Baby keep on keep on swaying to the backbeat
Long as you’re right here right here beside me
You make the call baby I don’t care
We can take this anywhere