You thought "Pontoon" was the best summer song of all time, right?

Well, Little Big Town is giving themselves a run for their own money. Their new single "Day Drinking" may just be right up there with "Pontoon". The single, which is set to be released June 3, will surely have summer, drinking and pools written all over it.

When you're out and about this summer, #DayDrinking will be all over Twitter. Here's to Summer '14!

Little Big Town 'Day Drinking' Lyrics


Everybody's always waitin' on Friday

Watching that clock and sip on joe

Whatchya say we find a little warm sunshine

And open up an umbrella on the patio

I don't need a reason to go to happy hour

And hang around for a fireworks show

Get a head start a little sip of somethin

1, 2, 3 here we go

Don't want to wait til the sun's sinking

We could be feeling all right

I know you know what I'm thinking

why don't we do a little day drinking


Why don't we do a little day drinking

Blame it on the work day

Blame it on the heatwave

Blame it on the tick-tock moving too slow

Blame it on any old thing you want to

Baby get set baby here we go