Lady Antebellum is back again, and to our surprise, yesterday they leaked a new song that will be their next single.

It's not not even playing on radio yet, but it's called "Bartender", and it's their debut single off of their upcoming album.

Only a year ago, they released Golden, and now they are already onto a new album. This tune will see Hillary Scott featured throughout the dark song. According to USA Today:

As a female, I love the fact that it's not her (saying), 'My heart has been broken, it's so sad, he did me wrong.' It's not about going and rebounding with some other guy....She's just going out with her friends and having a night to forget about what this dude just did to her. I love that as a woman, kind of taking the reins in a situation and getting over it in a fun way.

Now there’s only one thing left for me to do / Slip on my favorite dress and sky high leather boots / Check the mirror one last time / Kiss the past goodbye.”

‘Bartender’ may be the least collaborative of all Lady Antebellum singles to date. Even the sassy ‘Downtown’ felt the presence of Kelley. Here he mostly lurks in the shadows of each chorus:

What I’m really needing now / Is a double shot of Crown / Chase that disco ball around / ‘Til I don’t remember / Go until they cut me off / Wanna get a little lost / In the noise, in the lights.


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