When I heard about this story, it kinda hit real close to home. My step-brother Derek, who I consider my brother is also an Iraq Veteran. It was really tough to deal with him being over there. I am very thankful that nothing  happen to him. However,  local Iraq veteran, Sgt. James Hackemer was not so lucky. According to WKBW News Channel 7 , Sgt. James Hackemer lost both legs  due to an improvised explosive device or IED during his second tour in Iraq. He also had a   traumatic brain injury amd suffered from a stoke. The most impresive fact was his fight to surivive, which he did. That all changed when Sgt. Hackemer decieded to ride the "Ride of Steel" at Darien Lake. Sgt. Herkermer fell from the ride at 5:30 pm on Friday. I feel that this tragedy could have been adverted had the employees not allowed Sgt. Hackemer to ride. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.