It's nice to hear that people are still honest, ultimately I would like to think all people are honest and willing to do the right thing but that is just not realistic.

A Greenwood Village, Colorado man said that he recently found 10,000 dollars in two Caesar's Palace envelopes with no name or information listed on the envelopes. After the man found the envelope he got in touch with the airport and got connected with a man who had reported that the money was missing. The man was from El Paso, Texas. Mitch Gilbert, the man who found the money in the airport went and deposited the money into the rightful owners bank account a few days before Christmas.

Mitch Gilbert said that he wanted to return the money to the rightful owner because he wanted to show his kids that it was the right thing to do. Now that's integrity! This guy could've very well kept the money and no one probably would've ever found out that he had it, but this good and honest citizen did the right thing. Imagine if there were more people in the world like Mitch Gilbert. The rightful owner dropped the money in the airport after rushing to catch a flight.