Ever wonder how Carrie can be so lucky to have such a great voice, looks and LEGS? Well the first two are a gift from God. Carrie Underwood has been given some great talent and beauty from high above. The legs however are a result of dedication and hard work on Carrie’s part.

I was flipping through Twitter and came across an article about celebrities and their workout routines. Carrie’s leg workout and diet plan was one of the features.  According to Shape magazine:

To get strong, sexy, lean legs like Underwood’s, (you have to do) a series of lunges, squats, stepups, and toe taps combined with a balanced diet of protein, carbs, and fats.

Now like any other diet that is out there, the article does insist that even Carrie cheats once in a while on her diet. I have been trying to get faster on my 5k times and also trying to get faster and stronger on my road bike. I try to stick to a normal schedule of training but I have found that a day or two (or even three) off from it all every once in a while has helped me both physically and mentally! I can’t say that I will be featured in a magazine any time soon. But as busy as I am I still find ways to get some sort of exercise in during the week and stick to a regular diet. By diet I don’t mean starving. I mean eating. Eating a lot of the right stuff!