According to The Tennessean, Luke Bryan has gone Gold with his new hit.If you went to the Tim McGarw show you know why!I have seen Luke Bryan 3 times this year already and numerous others in the past. His performance on Saturday at Darien Lake was without a doubt the best I have seen yet. I took a couple glances around the place during his set and you could tell that people were crazy about him. Luke has definitely figured one thing out when it comes to getting noticed...get the attention of the women in the crowd.

Luke has a great voice no doubt and the songs to go with it. Watching him on Saturday, he knows how to keep a party alive. And he knows how to move. I think that if Dancing With The Stars was to call, Luke should take the offer. He drove the women crazy while keeping the guys satisfied with songs about trucks, and hunting an fishing. Luke is the "total package" when it comes to having that triple threat. Voice, Looks, Moves. In my opinion his performance of Country Girl (Shake It For Me) was the highlight of the entire night!! Congrats Luke on a new Gold song!!