Something I’ll never get arrested for – whistling too loud. I can’t whistle in the first place. I can make a couple of whistling sounds but they’re never very loud.

There’s a guy in Portland, Maine, known as the “Whistler,” and he has a habit of high-pitched whistling on Portland’s downtown streets. He’s been arrested a number of times for disorderly conduct because local businesses complain. But he’s been told as long as he keeps walking he can keep whistling.

Can’t say for sure, but maybe he’s a delegate at the National Whistler’s Convention. It’s April 17-21 during Happy Whistlers Week in Louisville, N.C., known as the world’s whistling capital. It’s a chance for locals and visitors to honor the art of whistling.

The week includes whistling competitions, whistling concerts, awards and prizes. Competitions are in various divisions, ages, women and men, single whistlers, duets and groups.

You can also visit the National Whistlers Museum, where they have rare whistling recordings, books and magazines, pictures, news articles, souvenirs and whistles. Plus the museum has a National Whistlers Hall of Fame.

Don't believe I can't whistle? Here's me trying to whistle the Andy Griffith Show theme:

Now here are some parrots