I found this story in on multiple prep sites that we use for WYRK's morning show.  Honestly, I thought it was a joke...and I still kind of do! .  It was still really early in the morning, so I wiped my eyes and took 2 big gulps of my high-octane (wish it was Guinness) coffee, then read the story again. HEADLINE: Man Offers To Be Hunted For $10K.......wow the economy must be hitting this guy really bad.

The man's name is Mork Encino and he is from Utah.  On his website HuntMe4Sport.com, the 28-year-old says people can hunt him in the nude for an extra $2000.00!  Lol....This guy is nuts, there are plenty of part time jobs out there where you can keep your clothes on and not get shot at!

Encino says that his ultimate goal is to use the website to land a more conventional job.  People who hire will think this guy is nuts ....orrrrr.... brilliant.  Nuts for the idea, but brilliant for the buzz it created!

Unfortunately for Mr. Encino....hunting humans is illegal and he still hasn't had any offers.  No Kidding???!!??  I wonder if he'd let the Breakfast Club hunt him with paintball guns and slingshots?  I'd be in for that.

I guess all you have to do now-a-days is have an off the wall idea....post it on Youtube, a website, Facebook or whatever....and you could make weird news headlines.  Maybe even become famous for 15 minutes!